Executive Interview

The Executive Interview: Efrem Berman

One of the best aspects of being in this kind of media job is the opportunity we get to converse with some of the brightest minds in marketing, if not business in general.

Recently, Mike Giambattista, Editor in Chief at The Wise Marketer, spent some time with one of those people. Efrem Berman has been described as dynamic, and “wicked-smart” by people who know him. You’ll see why he’s considered one of the brightest minds in marketing in this short video. Efrem is the Head of Global Loyalty & Engagement at Radisson and, as the title implies, is responsible for the entire engagement process for their entire portfolio.

In this executive interview, Mike and Efrem talk about where Radisson is headed in terms of loyalty strategy, what it takes to effectively make things happen in a large organization like his, how their recent data breach affected their business and their thinking, and more. Its 16 minutes of your time, well spent.

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