Infographic: How Consumers Really Feel About SMS Notifications

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 9, 2021

In a recent CleverTap survey, 1,000 respondents were asked to share how they really feel about SMS notifications from businesses. The data revealed interesting findings around which industries send the best marketing messages, the ways that businesses irritate consumers as well as the ideal frequency.

It's important for businesses to understand how consumers feel about SMS notifications, especially since the average open rate for text message marketing campaigns is 98% — compared to 20% for email marketing campaigns.

When asked which industries send the best marketing messages, there were three industries that stood out for consumers: restaurants, food delivery and groceries, and streaming services/entertainment. The fact that 56% of consumers highly rate food-related industries aligns with consumer behavior as well: almost half (47%) of respondents who selected the food delivery and groceries industry also said that they order takeout several times a month.

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With consumers viewing these industries as the best at sending messages, it's also important that businesses understand the ways in which consumers are turned off by these SMS notifications. Here are the four ways that stand out for consumers:

  • Sending notifications to consumers who didn't sign up for them
  • Not providing an opt-out option in the notification
  • Sending too many notifications
  • Sending notifications that are too “spammy”

Looking further into what doesn't work for consumers, here are the three biggest mistakes that businesses can make when it comes to SMS messages:

  • Sending unsolicited messages
  • Sending too many messages
  • Sending long, spammy messages

The message is literally clear: it's crucial that businesses truly understand and respect the preferences of their audiences and this includes getting the frequency right. For 25% of consumers, more than one SMS message a day from a business is deemed as "too many". However, for 18% of respondents, between two and five daily messages from businesses is "too much".

You can find even more information and detail by viewing CleverTap's article here.

SMS Notifications Survey by CleverTap

Infographic by CleverTap