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#27: Customer Loyalty and Landscape Research – South African Insights

With an extra-ordinary career spanning almost 30 years for some of the world’s top loyalty brands, Amanda Cromhout is a recognised leader in loyalty. Now based in South Africa, she has created a dedicated loyalty agency which publishes an annual white paper on the key trends in loyalty with South African consumers.

Listen to this week’s episode to learn why some consumers in South Africa DON’T use loyalty programmes, and which ONE programme they rate above all others (if they HAVE to choose). Plus hear about the grocery programme that launched in late 2019 and signed up an amazing one MILLION members in just their first week.

Listen to last week’s episode: Let’s Talk Loyalty #26: Australia’s Favourite Loyalty Programme – flybuys – 5 Lessons Learned in 25 Years

#27: Customer Loyalty and Landscape Research – South African Insights
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