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#44: Leveraging Subscriptions to Create the Ultimate Loyalty

Consumer behaviour is changing dramatically, and business models need to evolve to find ways to create loyalty even beyond loyalty programmes. One way is by incorporating a subscription model in your loyalty program business. This model can drive commercial loyalty way beyond simply points or prizes.

In this episode of “Let’s Talk Loyalty”, I’m discussing how and why I’m subscribing for more products and how I’m seeing the model being used in new and unexpected ways.

For businesses that can deliver superb experiences and/or increased convenience, a subscription business promises predictable recurring revenue and increased customer lifetime value.

Here’s last week’s episode #43: Loyalty Marketing in B2B & Concepts Post-Covid – Dr David Cox

Listen to this episode to hear executives from Ipsos Denmark and their partners in Management Consulting firm Subscrybe explain the principles of success in subscriptions; creating both “reasons to buy” and “reasons to stay” and leveraging this “exploding” business model to create the ultimate loyalty with customers.

#44: Leveraging Subscriptions to Create the Ultimate Loyalty
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