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Loyalty Newswire – January 23, 2023

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 23, 2023

In this week's Newswire you can enjoy a curated list of the latest customer loyalty, technology, payments, and other relevant marketing news. We include a spectrum of topics, all with the intention of keeping you informed and enabling you to star in your next big meeting.

The Loyalty Newswire makes it simple for busy professionals (e.g. YOU) to quickly digest important industry news and trending topics. Keep reading!

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Stay. Loyal. Always.

  • Home Depot leverages experiential loyalty for big spenders
  • Huge changes to Asda loyalty app after customer complaints
  • Bond announces all-new personalization platform
  • IAG releases UK study showing the value of loyalty programs during a recession
  • Gen Z places their core values above company loyalty
  • New location-based features added to Chipotle mobile app

Home Depot Nails Experiential Loyalty to Keep Big-Spending Pros Returning

The Home Depot has expanded its Pro Xtra loyalty program, unveiling new membership tiers and new benefits for professional contractors and builders. With three new tiers, Member, Elite, and VIP, Pros will enjoy more benefits than ever that keep building as they spend. Pros represent a $450 billion marketplace, and The Home Depot is building a unique, interconnected Pro ecosystem to help them build their businesses. "Pros make up about 10 percent of The Home Depot's customer base and approximately half of our sales," said Hector Padilla, executive vice president of outside sales and service for The Home Depot in the company’s press release.

Asda makes huge change to loyalty app after shoppers complain of 'missing' rewards

Supermarket shoppers will need to supply their mobiles to use the Asda loyalty scheme after it tightened its security. This article says the changes come after some loyalty scheme users claimed cash saved in the app had disappeared and even been spent far away from their homes in stores. Dozens of Asda Rewards customers say they had problems. Asda denied there had been "a widespread security issue" with its app and pointed to weak online personal security as the reason.

Bond launches new personalization platform and capabilities to drive growth for retailers

Bond announced in a press release that it has launched a new personalization intelligence platform that works alongside platforms like Snowflake and Databricks. The new technology is meant to help retailers grow their customer connections into more relevant relationships. "We're delighted to bring Synapze XI to market, hand in hand with a robust team of marketing experts working with so many of the world's leading retailers, payment providers and platform partners. This savvy, sizeable, and dynamic solution is not just what retailers need in the short-term, but is also the solution for their long-term growth," says Bob Macdonald, CEO of Bond.

IAG releases UK study showing the value of loyalty programs to consumers during a recession

IAG Loyalty, the owners of Avios, have released a study based on UK consumers revealing the importance of loyalty programs to both brands and consumers during the economic downturn.

Key findings include:

  • 92 percent of consumers are turning to loyalty programs for everyday spending to make their money stretch during the economic downturn
  • More than 50 percent said they’re actively looking for new ways to collect points and maximize the return when they spend money
  • When redeeming, 80 percent of people consider themselves rational decision makers and 20 percent emotional decision makers

You can read the full press release here.

Gen Z places their core values above company loyalty

Gen Z, in this case defined as people born after 1995, bring a wholly different vision of work to their jobs than their older generational cohorts. We have been hearing this from many sources and will continue to share evidence that rounds out the understanding of Gen Z perspectives. Building a comprehensive view of their outlooks will help marketers engage this generation with marketing programs and offers that get results.

The key issue addressed in this article based on Gen Z opinions from India is employee loyalty to the company. Employers are increasingly aware of new attitudes and are working to incorporate findings about the personal aspirations of younger employees into corporate benefit packages. One has to wonder how the recent wave of layoffs in the tech sector will impact Gen Z outlooks.

Chipotle adds location-based features to its mobile app

Chipotle added features to its mobile app that serves about 30 million rewards members. The new features are made possible through GPS-enabled technology and are part of a strategy to create a “Contextual Restaurant Experience”.

  • Enable push notifications to provide updates on order status
  • Alert customers if they’re at the wrong pick-up location
  • Remind members to scan for Rewards points when they arrive at a Chipotle restaurant

Quote of the Week

As we think about what brand transparency and authenticity really mean, the best place to learn is by listening to the people who lead notable brands. Sealand is a South African based lifestyle brand focused on responsibly made gear and apparel. Its mission is to ensure that every decision made keeps the planet and its people front and center. We recently interviewed Adrian Hewlett, CEO Sealand and asked him what he wanted us to know about his organization.

His replay was stunning and we had to share it with you: “The most important thing for people to know about Sealand is that we are a completely honest company that is trying to make the planet a better place. I think that’s the psychology around the business. Just keep being completely honest about everything you do. It makes life a lot easier.“

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