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June 26, 2023

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 26, 2023

The weekly Loyalty Newswire from The Wise Marketer delivers a curated list of the latest news and announcements from around the globe on all topics related to customer loyalty.

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Wonder launches first ever membership program

Wonder, the food tech startup founded by serial entrepreneur Marc Lore (founded Diapers.com and Jet.com) announced the launch of its first-ever membership program called Wonder+. In case you aren’t familiar, Wonder is pioneering a new category of “Fast Fine” dining, featuring a collection of delivery-first restaurants that are all vertically integrated and owned by Wonder.

Wonder+ members will enjoy free delivery on all orders, access to “fast pass” which provides them with free priority delivery and pick-up on all orders, and they’ll be able to unlock exclusive promotions, experiences, and perks - all for $7.99 per month.

Rohrer Aesthetics Launches Inner Circle Customer Loyalty Program

Rohrer Aesthetics, the fast-growing medical aesthetics device company, announced the launch of its new Inner Circle customer loyalty program for existing customers. The program is designed to reward customers for their continued business and support, as well as to provide them with exclusive benefits and offers. Catch all the details here.

MOD Pizza revises rewards program

MOD Pizza has updated its rewards program, MOD SuperFast Rewards. The changes allow users to start earning rewards at lower point thresholds, offers a wider choice of reward options, and provides exclusive offers and special deals throughout the year. There's also a fundraising component to the program, according to a press release.

Loyalty Academy™ workshops are coming to Bengaluru and London in 2023

Gaining professional certification in Loyalty Marketing and the Digital Arts is sure to advance your career aspirations. The Loyalty Academy™ offers the only professional certification for Loyalty Marketers in the world - the Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ - and you can gain your certification by participating in one of public workshops scheduled for two new locations.

  • The second India workshop is coming to Bengaluru, India August 2-3, 2023. Bill Hanifin will join Brian Almeida of Strategic Caravan to lead this workshop. You can count on a lively mix of interactive exercises, discussion, and networking as only the Loyalty Academy can deliver.

VA State Parks launch ‘Paddle Quest’ rewards program for passionate explorers

Virginia State Parks are hoping to get more people out on the water and enjoying the outdoors with their new ‘Wandering Waters Paddle Quest’ rewards program. Paddle Quest is a hands-on experience now offered at 31 parks across the state and you can find all the details here. Explorers are encouraged to visit as many parks as they can, participating in a mixture of ranger-guided programs and self-led adventures along rivers, lakes, and the Chesapeake Bay. This interactive program will reward explorers with prizes and achievement stickers as they visit new parks. “Virginia State Parks is proud to provide another great avenue for visitors to experience the rich diversity of the state parks system,” said State Parks Director Melissa Baker.

How Grocers Can Craft More Effective Loyalty Marketing Programs

If you are a consumer, you will have noticed that food prices have risen dramatically. In this challenging economic cycle, grocers are exploring how they can more effectively incorporate brand loyalty into their marketing campaigns to retain valuable customers. This article written by Sai Koppala - CMO at SheerID - covers three principal ways grocery stores can weather short-term economic uncertainty and create customer loyalty. This a solid quick read that includes three ways grocers can effectively integrate customer loyalty into their marketing programs:

  • Collect valuable zero-party data
  • Make your loyalty program omni-channel
  • Create programs for college students

G-Que BBQ upgrades its loyalty program with streamlined digital engagement

G-Que BBQ, a fast casual brand with locations around Colorado, has streamlined its digital engagement stack on the full Paytronix platform.  By running its loyalty, online ordering, CRM, and mobile application all on Paytronix, G-Que BBQ, Denver’s only championship barbeque restaurant, streamlined its operations and can now better communicate with its guests. Previously the brand had several different platforms, including a point-of-sale, email marketing, and a couponing service. “This elevates our brand. We can now reach our guests through all touchpoints, so people see and hear our messages,” said G-Que BBQ Founder and Master of Meat Jason Ganahl. “Thanks to Paytronix, we can organize and target our campaigns at specific segments, even by such information as whether they are inclined toward our wings, ribs, or pulled pork.” Check out program details here.

Want to experience a Loyalty Academy™ CLMP™ certification workshop without traveling?

If you have considered achieving certification but wondered “what’s the workshop really like?”, here is a video, made fresh from our workshop in Melbourne, Australia, that will give you a first-hand look at the experience, with testimonials from executives in the industry who attended. See the full video here.

Egypt’s Zeal helps merchants to connect with and reward their customers

Every time a card transaction is made on a POS terminal, merchants lose a chance to identify and retain their customers. But Egyptian startup Zeal has come up with a fix.  Customers are also able to track their payments and loyalty points via Zeal, a consumer-facing app. Zeal addresses the gap in the market where merchants lose a chance to identify and retain their customers every time a card transaction is made on a POS terminal,” founder and CEO Omar Ebeid told Disrupt Africa.

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