Loyalty Newswire – March 15th, 2021

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Posted on March 15, 2021

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  • URBN, the parent company of Urban Outfitters, is piloting a premium loyalty program model
  • The city of Boston announces the upcoming launch of its B-Local app — a citywide loyalty rewards program designed to promote local businesses
  • TuneCore, one of the world's largest distributors of independent music, has launched an educational rewards program for musical artists
  • Belk's bankruptcy differed from many filings as it was arranged so that no stores would face closure and the company could retain its 17,000 employees
  • Ann Arbor's Saganworks plans to host popup business ventures, while also creating customized 3D virtual versions that people can explore online
  • At Home Group's CMO & CDO, Ashley Sheetz, has received Chain Store Age magazine's Top Women in Retail Technology award
  • ParkMobile has partnered with the City of Memphis to pilot contactless, mobile payments at several locations throughout the city
  • Here's what marketers need to know about Virginia's new Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA)
  • Countries across Europe are scrambling to open their doors to UK tourists that have been vaccinated
  • Comarch launches new vodcast titled "Coffee with Comarch Loyalty"
  • Let’s Talk Loyalty” Wins Loyalty Industry Accolades


URBN tests a paid premium membership model

Quotable: “In its fourth-quarter earnings call on March 2, executives from URBN, the parent company of Urban Outfitters, quietly let slip that the company is piloting a new premium loyalty program. It will require customers to pay an annual fee to be a part of the upper-tier program that will provide access to additional perks. For URBN, the hope is that the program, called UP, will encourage purchase frequency and help draw people who are loyal customers of one URBN brand into the larger ecosystem of services the company provides, like its Nuuly rental program.”

Boston will launch the ‘B-Local’ app to help promote small businesses

Quotable: “Mayor Marty Walsh on Wednesday announced officials are working on launching the “B-Local” app in partnership with Colu. By using the app when making purchases, customers will earn “Boston Points,” which they will be able to use like cash, with each point worth $1, at participating businesses. The city will reimburse the businesses for the points redeemed, according to Walsh.”

TuneCore Launches TuneCore Rewards and TuneCore Certified

Quotable: “TuneCore Rewards is a first of its kind, multi-level educational program where artists can unlock rewards and VIP status through career education (launching at the end of March, currently in Beta). This is a free program for TuneCore artists and part of the company’s ongoing efforts to be more than just a distribution company, by providing more value for independent artists who choose TuneCore as their distributor.”


Why Belk's Bankruptcy Differs From Other Retail Bankruptcies

Quotable: “Prior to its filing, Belk had spent time negotiating with its lenders so the bankruptcy process was really just a formalized version of those discussions. All told, Belk managed to exit bankruptcy with $225 million in new capital, extended terms on its loans, and $450 million less in debt. But just as importantly, Belk's bankruptcy was arranged as such so that stores wouldn't need to be closed in its wake.”

Ann Arbor tech startup has plans for 3D digital museum, cafe and retail shop

Quotable: “Founded in 2017 by software entrepreneur Don Hicks, the company is now making big moves, renovating the old Melting Pot space at 309 S. Main St. to establish a physical presence in the heart of downtown. It’s there Saganworks plans to host popup business ventures such as a cafe, museum and retail store, while also creating 3D virtual versions of them that people can explore online. Saganworks is trying to break down barriers between the physical and virtual worlds, Hicks said, predicting Main Street is about to become a hotbed of innovation.”

At Home’s Ashley Sheetz Receives Top Women in Retail Technology Award

Quotable: “At Home Group Inc. (NYSE:HOME), the home décor superstore, announced today that Ashley Sheetz, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Digital Officer, has received Chain Store Age magazine’s Top Women in Retail Technology award, honoring women who are leading the charge in their use of innovative retail technologies. Ms. Sheetz was also recognized as one of five Top Women of the Year.”


ParkMobile Expands Presence in Memphis, Tennessee, Offering More Contactless Payments Locations

Quotable: “The launch of this pilot program expands ParkMobile's footprint in Memphis, where the app is already available at many off-street locations run by private operators. Parkmobile has over 300,000 users of the app in Tennessee and can be used to pay for parking in cities like Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. Beyond the state, the app is widely available in many large Southeast cities like Atlanta, Birmingham, Miami Beach, New Orleans, and Charlotte.”


What Marketers Need to Know About Virginia's Consumer Data Protection Act

Quotable: “Virginia this month passed the Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA). The bill grants consumer rights to access, correct, delete and obtain a copy of personal data and to opt out of the processing of personal data for purposes of targeted advertising, the sale of personal data or profiling of the consumer. It marks the fourth comprehensive state consumer data privacy legislation in the United States, joining California, Maine and Nevada.”


How vaccinated travelers became hot property

Quotable: “With its out of control infection rates and deaths heading past the 125,000 mark, the UK started 2021 as Europe's Covid pariah. Now though, after a vaccination program that has seen more than a third of all adults receive at least one dose, countries across Europe, and tour operators who have struggled over the past 12 months, are falling over themselves to welcome weary Brits for a dose of summer sun.”

Other News in Loyalty:

Comarch launches new vodcast titled "Coffee with Comarch Loyalty"

Quotable: "Comarch, a global software house delivering customer engagement and marketing solutions, today announced the launch of its new vodcast series: "Coffee with Comarch Loyalty." The vodcast will feature brand and retail loyalty experts from both household-name brands and up-and-coming companies. Take a quick coffee break and tune in to hear from experts at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Redbox, 4th Ave Market, and more."

Let’s Talk Loyalty” Wins Loyalty Industry Accolades

“Let’s Talk Loyalty” is the world’s first podcast for loyalty marketing professionals worldwide, and today the show has won two prestigious industry awards from the “Customer Fest Show” — one of Asia’s top loyalty conferences. Let’s Talk Loyalty has been officially declared the winner of two categories: Best Influencer Marketing Campaign and Best Customer Experience Vendor / Consultant / Service Provider.

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