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June 24, 2024

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 24, 2024

Here’s a Roundup of this week's Loyalty and Digital Marketing News

We’ve heard more Loyalty Marketers comment that “loyalty is an outcome,” not just a program. We agree with that statement and believe that the outcome you seek as a brand will be influenced by many factors. That’s why when you read the news we have covered in today’s Newswire, it spans so many topics.

The topics represent the spectrum of influences on customer loyalty today, from Artificial Intelligence to Retail Media Networks to Brand Tracking and Data Privacy. To be successful today, you’ve got to be on top of much more than loyalty program design—and we bring it all to you here.

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Quick Global News Roundup

AI Case study for the travel industry

Academic Research in Action provides a case study that illustrates how AI can be used to create more meaningful, human-centric events and rewards.

Using a fictional company to demonstrate how AI tools can used to boost both operational efficiency and elevate the attendee experience, this article walks you through how AI can be integrated into the planning and execution phases of an incentive travel event.

Cannes Lions 2024 shows human creativity still dominates AI-driven solutions

At Cannes Lions 2024, the advertising and communications industry meets to celebrate the world's best work. Insight from iconic thought leaders, ideas from the world’s most innovative companies, and inspiration from every corner of the creative marketing community come together at the Festival.

Leading into this year’s event, generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) was the most talked about topic among the 15,000 delegates, and AI generated campaigns were expected to sweep the awards. It didn’t turn out that way and this article share perspectives on why “gen AI still has a way to go before it really takes over the industry as many feared.”

Disney to expand Data-Driven commerce capabilities with Affinity Solutions

In a collaboration with Affinity Solutions, Disney will add to its growing list of data-driven capabilities by launching a media solution that delivers attribution measurement and consumer purchase insights across categories – including Retail and QSR – to brands and advertisers.

Disney and Affinity Solutions will collaborate to leverage an expansive view of consumer buying behavior across the U.S. This allows Disney an expedited understanding of spending behaviors as the only media company in the advertising ecosystem with access to 140 million debit and credit card transactions through Affinity Solutions.

Southwest Airlines adds a Cash Plus Points option

In case you missed it, Southwest Airlines introduced a new Cash Plus Points feature to Rapid Rewards. The feature provides flexibility to travelers and opens up avenues for people with points balances below current redemption thresholds to use the points they have earned without them going to waste. We recommend you watch this video to understand how the feature works.

The rules are a bit complex, so you would want to read the FAQs here. For example, minimum possible redemption with Cash + Points is 1,000 points, but available Cash + Points redemption options are determined by the total price of the fare and 1,000-point redemptions may not be available for all flights. The value of points redeemed for this option vary based on destination, time, day of travel, demand, fare class, point redemption rate, and “other factors”. Don’t miss reading the FAQs!

Study show how Loyalty Programs boost customer spending and drive success

Snappy offers business solutions and personalized options for gifting through its proprietary digital “gift of choice” platforms that combine fun, personal experiences with expert gift curation and advanced technology.

Stay. Loyal. Always.