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PwC 2023 Trust Survey Shows Why Trust is the Centerpiece of Business

Loyalty Marketers should take the findings into account as they plan 2023 strategy Editor’s note: The Crypto Story is a 40,000 word treatise that not everyone has time to read and digest. Fortunately the Editors at Bloomberg were kind enough to distill the article into a consumable set of highlights that you can find here (paywall warning). The world revolves around trust. Bloomberg financial reporter Matt Levine wrote a massive examination and analysis of Crypto currencies that begins with a premise that “Modern life consists in large part of entries in databases”, explaining that “money, homes, identities—almost everything about you

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Loyalty Technology

modular loyalty webinar plays on computer on desk with plant

Using Modular Loyalty as a Plug & Play, Low-Risk Enhancement to Your Program

Put yourself in the shoes of your CTO. Or maybe you are that person. Imagine that you’ve been invited to join a newly formed Loyalty Steering Committee being formed to promote a cross-functional approach to managing your company’s loyalty program. Walking into the first meeting, you listen to marketing people making the case that you must quickly add capabilities to meet customer demands. Trying to reign in expectations, you gather everyone’s attention and say, “look folks, we need a reality check.” “These may be good ideas, but we have a backlog of IT projects a mile long that will keep

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Research Articles

Prescription for Success: Loyalty Programs in Ukrainian Pharmacies During the War

How Sparta Loyalty is delivering loyalty for a greater good – Part 3 Editor’s Note: Sparta Loyalty has created a series of loyalty solutions that are not only helping the sponsoring brands meet objectives, but also supporting humanitarian causes during the war in Ukraine. Cause related marketing is a topic that is important to many people today but the “cause” in Ukraine is unique and impacts a nation of people. In the third installment of this series, we document the solution being provided by Sparta Loyalty to a significant Ukrainian pharmacy chain "Życzymy zdrowia" (Wishing you health). The chain operates

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overhead view of kiev ukraine with mother monument and ukranian flag

Unorthodox Loyalty: Fishka Provides Critical Support to Ukrainians During the War

How Sparta Loyalty is delivering loyalty for a greater good Editor’s Note: This article is submitted by Sparta Loyalty, who provided this view about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. “For the past year, the Ukrainian people have faced invasion, destruction, and displacement at the hands of the Russian government. The loss of life, the destruction of homes and infrastructure, and the constant threat of violence have profoundly affected the country and its people. In these trying times, the resilience and courage of the Ukrainian people have shone through, as they have shown time and time again their unwavering commitment to

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Should brands be more authentic?

Your customers will spend more and more often with you if they believe you are authentic, the latest research suggests. But what does this mean and how can brands and retailers demonstrate it right through the buying journey? Renaud Marlière, Global Chief of Business Development of Asendia, provides some of the answers.  Retailers and brands have been called on to demonstrate authenticity in their relationships with their customers for over four years and it was a major topic at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York back in 2018. However, while the term is now in common parlance, its

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