Quick Perspective: In 2023 Brands Should Value the Simple Proposition: “How Can We Help?

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 24, 2023

IBM published a 2022 consumer study indicating purpose-driven consumers – those opting for brands with values aligning to theirs – may become “valuable long-term customers and brand ambassadors” and then showcases how they better value-driven consumers – those primarily price-first oriented – across 7 purchasing power metrics.  Big Blue, rightly, guides brands on the path to gaining trust being clearly paved from understanding what purpose-driven consumers care about and value … then taking action to align business practices to best-serve.

Adopting a mindset that purpose led purchasing is real, to some degree more than others, across most customer archetypes.  Check.  Seeking understanding from your customers on what matters to them. Check.  Aligning your busine … wait, what if what matters isn’t the same for all of my customers?   

Answer: Allow them to choose how you support their impact. Change that matters to them.

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