Shaping the Engagement Experience in the New Economy

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 8, 2020

This is part 3 of our executive interview series with ampliFI loyalty solutions. In this episode, our managing editor, Bill Hanifin, sits down [virtually] with two more of ampliFI’s always enthusastic, positive-thinking, and creative executives playing a defining role in the loyalty payment landscape. Heidi Young, EVP Sales & Business Development, and Ron Silvia, Chief Revenue Officer, come together for a very candid, comfortable, and insightful conversation discussing topics ranging from how customer experience will evolve in the payment landscape to evolution of the touchless payment experience to cause marketing rewards and much more in between. Listen and watch the video or just play the audio like a podcast. Enjoy!

Video Timestamps:

  • 6:30 How will CX evolve in the payment space?
  • 12:00 Evolution of the touchless payment experience
  • 21:00 Card branding in the digital payment landscape
  • 30:00 Relationship rewards
  • 34:45 The importance of choice
  • 39:00 Cause Marketing Rewards
  • 43:30 Hey. We’re consumers too

If you missed part 1 or part 2, we encourage you to give them a listen: Each one brought energy to the discussion. Each one was informative. And each one, really, is a authentic example of good leadership props to ampliFI loyalty solutions. In part 1, Mike Knoop, CEO, and Mike Moss, Chief Product Officer, shared insights on the card rewards business, and offered a glimpse into the changes they have made as an organization to maintain momentum and keep spirits high among their associates during COVID-19. They also shared perspective about how some of the changes being made from necessity today may become part of mainstream offers and operations in the future.

In part 2, Kevin Sagon, CTO, and John Jones, Director IT Security, talked about what it took to adjust quickly during the beginnings of COVID-19. They discussed how to deliver what clients need, meet customer expectations of high quality customer experience, and most importantly ensure the health and safety of employees.