The Loyalty Newswire – January 7, 2019

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 7, 2019

Keeping up with the technological innovations alone is a challenging task - but we're on it. Plus, AI improves customer loyalty and revenue, creative applications for tracking, it's a good news / bad news day for Marriott - and lots of brands are updating their loyalty programs. Here's what we're following in loyalty news:


AI improves customer loyalty and revenue

AI tends to be thought of as an efficiency enhancement but there is growing evidence – this time from Australia – that indicates a positive effect on customer loyalty and top-line revenue.  “The implementation of AI has led to improved revenue for 70 per cent of research respondents, with more than half citing revenue increases of more than 5 per cent, while over 30 per cent see growth of more than 10 per cent.”


Artificial intelligence tool used to catch people who lie to the police

If you needed to feel good about the potential applications of Artificial Intelligence, Police in Spain have implemented an AI-based system that recognizes “when somebody has been lying or exaggerating to the police.” Apparently the new system has been successful in identifying close to 80% of false reports.  But beyond the chuckle factor, those of us in the loyalty and CX space might consider how this tech could be applied to post-sale customer interactions.



Customer experience is about to take a different shape

“Brands marketing to machines”.  Take a moment to consider that idea and what it will mean to marketers.  We expend a considerable amount of energy understanding humans and our shopping & brand propensities.  But more and more, marketing channels and messaging are being determined algorithmically and executed by layers of software before ever reaching an actual human.  Is it time to start understanding and segmenting the algorithms?



More than 5 million passport numbers leaked in Marriott's data breach in November

This is a good news / bad news moment for Marriott which announced a massive data breach this past November.  Initially estimated to have exposed some 500 Million customer records, the company now estimates that number closer to 383 Million.  That’s the “good” news.  The bad news is that of those 383 Million, 5 million contained user passport information.



Sephora Boosts Perks For High-End Loyalty Shoppers

The new benefits build on a previous expansion that was announced in August 2018.  A recent report by our friends at Bond Brand Loyalty was acknowledged as a factor in Sephora’s strategy.  


Packers announce new fan loyalty program

Although they are already known to be some of the most loyal fans in the league, U.S. football fans will appreciate the announcement that the Green Bay Packers have implemented a new loyalty program. Fans sign up for Packers Perks here:


TravelCenters of America Revamps UltraONE Loyalty Program

We’ve said it before – the C-store / Fuel world is a hotbed of loyalty activity and innovation.  Exhibit A:  TravelCenters of America announces a newly re-framed program the brings new benefits and increased redemption options to customers.



Brick-bait: three tricks up retailers’ sleeves to lure you back to physical shops

Eloise Zoppos, Senior Research Consultant, Monash University (AU) posits several concepts retailers can consider to bring back & retain in-store shoppers.  She provides an intelligent look at ways retailers can address some of their shopper leakage – plus, coining the phrase “brick-bait” is worthy of a tip o’ the hat.


The Israeli Startup That Wants to Make Shopping Carts Smarter

File this under “Brilliant”.  Rather than rely on a store full of cameras and sensors to track and manage purchases (like Amazon Go) the Artificial Intelligence Cart (AIC) uses four cart-mounted cameras to achieve fully-automated checkouts without the creepy factor.


The Loyalty Newswire is compiled and edited by the staff at The Wise Marketer.