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The Wise Marketer™ Strategy Brief Series: Deep Engagement & Gamification

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 3, 2024

Our Strategy Brief series debuts with PUG Interactive

Over the past year, The Wise Marketer™ has set about identifying the topics that matter most to businesspeople interested in creating value from customer groups – that’s the outcome of what we refer to as Customer Loyalty.

We took time to create a comprehensive list of the hottest traditional and emerging topics that will chart the course for Customer Loyalty in the future. The result is our Strategy Brief series which represents a detailed survey and analysis of each of these topics. Today we introduce the series with the first WMSB (Wise Marketer Strategy Brief), this one titled Customer Quest: The Hero’s Journey to Brand Loyalty and Advocacy.

By creating a permanent library of topical books representing industry best practices on important topics to the industry, we are giving you a resource that you can refer to on a regular basis and use as a training tool for your teams. In each Strategy Brief, we partner with an expert partner to develop perspectives, insights and to illustrate examples of these concepts in practice.

PUG Interactive is our partner for this inaugural Strategy Brief on the topic of Deep Engagement and Gamification. Veteran video game designer Steve Bocska — formerly of Disney, Electronic Arts, Vivendi — is the founder of PUG and is our principal thought partner for this document. Steve is a CLMP™ and instructor for the Loyalty Academy™ and we have published several of his articles surveying the topic of gamification in The Wise Marketer. Steve is unique in that he is a video game designer who unlocked how to apply proven gameplay designs and technologies to solve business problems such as community loyalty, engagement, insights, and user activation for big brands.

Leveraging his vision, we decided to reposition the topic of “Gamification” to “Deep Engagement”, a term which more fully describes the potential for game theory and design when applied to loyalty marketing. As you read this first in our Strategy Brief series, we hope you will understand the true power of applying game techniques to loyalty marketing and why we chose the term Deep Engagement as the new descriptor for this skillset in the future.

Stay. Loyal. Always.

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