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30 Highlights From 2019 to Guide Your Loyalty Strategy in 2020

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 2, 2020

We gathered up 30 highlights from 2019 to kick off your new year. We hope you find this compilation of content useful as a reference or reminder as you plan your loyalty strategy in 2020 or if you just need a refresher after days (or weeks?) of holiday festivities.

Data-Driven Marketing

We spent time with Dennis Becker, CEO Mobivity, discussing gathering, measuring, and using your data efficiently to make marketing decisions which can also be described as Return on Marketing Spend (RoMS). And before this, we talked about how Rich Communication Services (RCS) will streamline engagement between consumers and providers leveraging SMS and the loads of data (22 billion SMS messages sent every day) available. As well, we talked with Bond Brand Loyalty about their new report on leveraging data in the Pursuit of Personalization.

Customer Engagement / Customer Experience

An often-discussed topic around here, customer engagement and customer experience are always changing as we learn more about human behavior and the ever-evolving technology landscape; here are some players making a mark and their perspectives:

Brand Loyalty

The ever-desired emotion (and metric) for brands: loyalty to their brand or “brand loyalty”. We discussed whether Influencer Marketing Can Advance Loyalty. And we did a 2-part series taking a Deep Dive (Part 2: A Deeper Dive) into a joint research study between Wise Marketer and Maritz Motvation discussing the split personality of loyalty and how to best engage each one (note: the report is now available). We also received great perspective on Consumer Banking and Why Money Can’t Buy Loyalty.

Artificial Intelligence

A fun (or alarming?) topic to discuss is artificial intelligence and its impact on customer loyalty. Here are a few takes:

Loyalty Finance and Liability

We have a resident expert on loyalty finance and liability: Len Llaguno, CEO and Founder Kyros Insights. We did a 3-part series discussing his perspective on Lessons in Liability for a Smarter Loyalty Program.

Loyalty Strategy

At the end of the day, your loyalty strategy is the key to achieving all the above. And brands are recognizing a loyalty program’s importance as detailed in a recent Starbucks Earnings Report and Lululemon’s Stock Price Surge. And if you need a crash course on implementing a loyalty strategy, look no further than Elena Naumchik’s (first-ever CLMP in Russa) 2- part series. And if you’re not sure if you want to use loyalty points (crazy right?) in your program, read our Editor in Chief’s perspective on Are Loyalty Points are Really Dead?

Executive Interviews

We are very thankful for all of the big players that take their time out of their busy days to discuss their perspective with us, so don’t forget to take advantage and check out our Executive Interviews. Here are some to note:

This is just a dip in the big ocean of content that we strive to provide at Wise Marketer. And in 2020, we only hope to improve on our quality and breadth of content to hopefully better provide you with the knowledge and tools to be successful as you navigate the loyalty marketing and customer loyalty landscape.