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Executive Interview: Brandon Logsdon of PDI Marketing Cloud

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 19, 2019

When we first met up with Brandon Logsdon last November, we were discussing some of the radical changes taking place at that moment in the C-Store and Fuel space. And we've mentioned that notion several times since. Because Convenience & Fuel were late adopters of much of the technology that powered loyalty, there existed a sizable gap between them and what other retailers were capable of.

That gap still exists today, but as Brandon points out, it's closing fast. Note: 2 years ago less than half of convenience retailers had any kind of automated loyalty program. That number has leapt to more than 70% and the level of technological sophistication they are deploying is light years ahead of what it was.

Logsdon heads PDI's Marketing Cloud division and has spent years watching this space grow from a lengthy awkward-teenager phase into a more mature version of itself. Yesterday, in fact, PDI announced a new milestone in their own program growth.