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December 20, 2023

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 20, 2023

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Lufthansa loyalty program onboarding new partners via blockchain

Miles & More, the loyalty program of the Lufthansa Group, recently announced that it is continuing its strategy of expanding its partner network. By partnering with qiibee, the leading blockchain-based B2B marketplace for customer loyalty, small and medium-sized businesses can now easily join the program.

For Miles & More members, this expansion means access to a wider and more diverse range of partners, including on a regional level, where they can earn and redeem miles throughout the travel chain and in everyday life with partners such as the luxury fashion platform fashionette.de, the VIP hospitality marketplace DAIMANI and the Swiss-based digital asset wallet SwissFortress.

Gabriele Giancola, co-founder, and CEO of qiibee, said, "The qiibee blockchain is 100% focused on the needs of the loyalty market, with instant, low-cost transactions and full control over data privacy. We are proud to present this unique offering to our first partners and look forward to future collaborations between numerous new partners and Miles & More. This will further position our technology as the industry standard for Web3 loyalty partnerships.”

Ferrari Anti-Counterfeiting Reward Scheme getting a fast start

We’ve seen a wide variety of behaviors encouraged by loyalty programs, but the Ferrari Anti-Counterfeiting program is on another level. Now you can win rewards for ratting out a brand violator. The Ferrari Anti-Counterfeiting Reward Scheme invites members of the public to speak out "if you have identified a product that infringes on Ferrari Trademarks being sold at a commercial establishment."

That means your local used car dealer that's misrepresenting a Toyota Celica kit car can now get what's coming to him. Participants who submit an approved report of violation will have the chance to receive a Ferrari gift item. The  nature and value of this Gift Item will be determined solely at Ferrari’s discretion. The Scheme will continue indefinitely until it is revoked.

How Target is using AI to deliver superior customer and associate experiences

Target is pulling back the curtain on how it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver an easier, more affordable, and more personalized experience for its customers both during its busiest season and all year round. In this interview with Target CIO Brett Craig, Target reveals that it uses AI in forecasting product demand and keeping items from going out of stock, ensuring inventory is in the right locations to meet demand, and is paramount in creating a personalized shopping experience and helping guests find the products and deals that are most relevant to them.

PSCU and Co-op Solutions Announce Agreement to Combine

PSCU and Co-op Solutions (“Co-op”), two leading credit union service organizations (CUSOs) and financial technology solutions providers, announced entering into an agreement to combine. Together, the companies will be better positioned to provide credit unions with innovative technology, unparalleled services, increased scale and differentiated value, fostering long-term success and sustainability for the credit union movement. Analysis from this credible industry source can be found here.

“The decision to combine with Co-op comes at a time when the payments landscape continues to see rapid evolution, with innovation and technology reshaping the needs of our industry and financial institutions,” said Frank Weidner, chair of the PSCU Board and president and CEO of Wings Financial Credit Union. “With their collective history and expertise, PSCU and Co-op have an unparalleled understanding of the credit union space. We believe that we are stronger together, and we look forward to the new opportunities for success that this combination will provide for credit unions.”

Loyalty Global Connect announces massive industry event in Dubai, 23-24 April

Loyalty Global Connect (you may have known this group as Zenith Marketing) has announced Loyalty Connect Global which they describe as the loyalty equivalent of “Gitex” (tech industry), to deliver a ‘flagship’ loyalty event designed specifically for the business needs of all global loyalty stakeholders.

Loyalty Connect Global is poised to deliver a highly focused conference with globally respected industry speakers, 40+ exhibitors showcasing the latest technology and innovations, culminating in an industry recognition celebration of the top 10 global trailblazer brands in loyalty across the world. This awards ceremony is the 2023 version of what was previously known as the International Loyalty Awards.

The event is scheduled for 23-24 April in Dubai. Contact Marian Kelly (marian@loyaltyconnectglobal.com) for more information.

What’s the impact of AI on marketers?

As we navigate through the end of 2023 and look forward to 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) is in the middle of just about every conversation. Business leaders recognize AI’s power to drive sales and streamline operations; 62% of business leaders say their company has already invested in AI and automation tools for their employees to use.

We found this survey that shares datapoints you will find useful in predicting how AI will impact your business this year. Some of the key highlights include:

  • Business growth potential: A staggering 68% of marketing leaders at the director level and above believe that fully implementing AI and automation in their company would result in impressive and noticeable business growth.
  • Generative AI usage: The top four applications of generative AI among marketers are creating content (48%), analyzing/reporting on data (45%), learning how to do things (45%), and conducting research (32%).
  • Time Savings metrics: AI tools give marketing teams 12.5 hours back per week. This translates to 25-26 additional working days in a year.
  • SEO and keyword research: AI significantly impacts SEO strategy, with 82% of marketers stating it informs their content creation process. It also has proven to be invaluable for time-consuming tasks like long-tail keyword mapping, internal link building, and SERP comparisons.

Let’s Talk Loyalty visits Vietnam

Episode #471 from Let’s Talk Loyalty shares the story of ⁠Lotusmiles⁠, the loyalty program for ⁠Vietnam Airlines⁠. Vietnam Airlines is part of the Skyteam Alliance and the guest is ⁠Thi Thu Hien Tran⁠, Deputy Director of Lotusmiles, based in Hanoi in Vietnam. Hien shares the journey for Lotusmiles from its original launch in 2010 through to today and their latest achievements in loyalty. This episode is also available in video format on ⁠www.Loyalty.TV⁠ as well as in audio format.

Elevate Loyalty announces revolutionary loyalty technology, OneTap Loyalty

Carly Neubauer, Co-Founder of Elevate Loyalty and CLMP™, has announced the introduction of OneTap Loyalty. OneTap Loyalty enables shoppers and retailers to benefit from the convenience of being able to link payment cards to loyalty programs. The technology gives members of loyalty programs the ability to allow their programs to recognize their payment card ensuring that regardless of whether a shopper has their loyalty card on them when they shop, they will still receive their loyalty benefits at the point of sale. Carly commented “OneTap Loyalty registers a consumer’s payment card to their loyalty program so all the shopper has to do is tap and pay when shopping in the retail store or online.”

CommEx announces loyalty program in the cryptocurrency realm

CommEX, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency trading sphere, unveiled its highly anticipated Points Rewards Program and inaugural Airdrop, to empower users and enhance their trading journey. Trading rewards are designed for active traders. This program allows users to accumulate valuable points with each trade. The continuous unfolding of trading rewards over multiple epochs ensures ongoing opportunities for users to enhance their rewards.

Texas based Shoebacca Launches New “Bacca Bucks” Loyalty Rewards Program

Online retailer Shoebacca launched a new loyalty program that allows customers to earn one point for each dollar they spend with the ability to redeem them at different levels. Earning points with Shoebacca will allow customers the chance to level up as a fan, super fan, followed by mega fan, and finally, the ultimate fan with over 750 points.

Jill Hogg, Head of Customer Service, Shoebacca said “We believe exceptional loyalty deserves extraordinary experiences. With Shoebacca Rewards, we are not just building a loyalty program; we are crafting a community of dedicated fashion enthusiasts who share our passion for style, quality, and exceptional customer experiences.” Ryan Schlachter, President, Shoebacca, added “Loyalty is not just about discounts or rewards; it’s about building long lasting connections and relationships with our customers.”

Restaurant Loyalty programs were refreshed en masse during 2023

As reported in pymnts.com, ongoing financial challenges have continued to constrain consumer budgets during 2023 and restaurants have taken the opportunity to rethink the financial incentives they offer. Many have relaunched their rewards programs with new strategies and user experiences.

According to the PYMNTS Intelligence study “Connected Dining: Consumers Like the Taste of Discount Meals,” 51% reported using a restaurant loyalty program, with 49% participating in these programs at QSRs and 34% at full-service restaurants (FSRs). Read this comprehensive round up of QSR and FSR restaurant loyalty program changes in 2023.

REX (Aus) intros point redemption options for its Rex Flyer program

Rex Airlines (Rex) is Australia's largest independent regional and domestic airline operating a fleet of 61 Saab 340 and 7 Boeing 737-800NG aircraft to 58 destinations throughout all states in Australia. It’s frequent flyer program, Rex Flyer, is the third entrant into what is often a cutthroat frequent flyer market, with Velocity and Qantas Frequent Flyer competing heavily for customers.

In a press release, Rex said that since the new program was launched on 2 October, Rex Flyer members have been earning up to seven points for every dollar spent every time they’ve flown and up to five points for each dollar spent on selected Rex Extras such as additional baggage and seat selection. The program is popular as membership has grown to over 60,000 in just seven weeks. Rex just announced the second phase of the program’s staggered rollout had been completed, enabling members to use their points to redeem flights with three flight reward options.

Career Opportunities and Jobs in Loyalty Marketing

We’ve gathered some interesting career opportunities across the Loyalty Marketing industry. We share here a partial list of all that is on our desk and there are excellent brands represented. To learn more and express your interest, please click through the individual links below.

We also have a curated concise list of executive level resources and other professionals who are available to support your team. If you are interested in connecting with anyone on the list, please email Bill Hanifin. All inquiries are managed in a confidential manner.

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