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The Importance of Professional Education in Loyalty Marketing

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 28, 2023

Don Smith, Capillary Technologies talks about CLMP™ certification

India is a rapidly maturing market for Customer Loyalty. When the top mentioned brands for loyalty in the country are Flipkart and Amazon, with membership bases that cross 100m, it is only natural that the business world stands up and takes notice.

Customer Loyalty programs have evolved beyond origins in airline FFP’s and hotel frequent guest programs into programs that impact daily living and shopping. They are evolving from simple ‘recognition and rewards for the few high-valued customers’ to adding value through additional applications of customer insight, marketing automation and AI, payments, and loyalty currency valuations, providing marketing platforms as well as technology and recognition applications.

Brian Almeida, CLMP™, CEO of Strategic Caravan International Pvt Ltd, and founder of Points for Good covers the India Loyalty Landscape in this article (please add link to the India landscape article) and will be discussing this report and more at the Loyalty Academy™ CLMP™ workshop in Bengaluru, beginning next week.

Don Smith, Global Consulting Officer and CMO for US and Europe, Capillary Technologies, shares his view on next week’s workshop in this video (please insert link to video on WM). Capillary Technologies is the premier sponsor for this event and we are grateful for their support for our global education and certification program. A few seats remain. If you can join us, please register here.