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[Webinar] Loyalty Rx: Successfully Evolving an Enterprise Customer Loyalty Strategy

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 23, 2020

Thanks to all who participated with and attended our recent webinar titled Loyalty Rx: Successfully Evolving an Enterprise Customer Loyalty Strategy —the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We invite anyone who missed it to fill out the form below to view the full replay of the webinar.

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Webinar Description and Panelists

Rexall Pharmacies, a leading drugstore operator with 400 pharmacies across Canada had a vision to make healthcare easier and more rewarding for their customers.

Learn how Rexall filled a prescription for loyalty with the successful evolution of their customer loyalty strategy through the launch of Be Well™ — their new, proprietary loyalty program. Supported by their loyalty technology partner, Exchange Solutions, Rexall shares lessons learned on their journey and will provide practical advice regarding how to transform an enterprise customer loyalty and engagement strategy successfully.

Carolyn Hynds is the Vice President of Loyalty, CRM & Analytics at Rexall Pharmacy Group. She leads the team that created Be Well, an innovative loyalty program that unifies health and wellness. Her passion for data driven marketing fostered a career focused on using customer insights to drive business decisions. First, with market research firm NPD Group, and later, managing two of the largest loyalty programs in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart and Canadian Tire. Carolyn takes pride in her ability to develop talent and build high performing teams which has been critical to her success leading large transformational innovation projects.

Mike Hughes is the CEO of Exchange Solutions. Mike is responsible for leading the business, strategy, product, technology, operations, analytics, and administration functions of the company. Mike is a seasoned executive with a long track record of success, leading organizations through rapid growth and expansion. As a senior operations and financial executive, Mike raised over $800 million in public and private financings, built companies from early stage through large scale growth and managed several highly successful exits. Previously, Mike served in executive positions for several software companies, including Vertica Systems Inc., which was acquired by HP. Mike also held executive level operating and finance positions at two telecommunications companies, both of which completed IPOs and were acquired by AT&T and KPN respectively. Mike has broad high tech experience including: SAAS and enterprise software, advanced analytics, marketing technology and telecommunications services.

Bill Hanifin is CEO of Wise Marketer Group and serves as Managing Editor of TheWiseMarketer.com. Bill is a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP). Since 2006, he has led Hanifin Loyalty LLC, a strategic marketing agency focused on designing, managing, and evaluating customer loyalty and data-driven marketing programs. Over that time, Bill has worked with notable brands throughout North America, Latin America, EU and Asia Pacific regions. Bill is a sought-after speaker by many industry groups and is a member of the Forbes Agency Council and Retail Wire Brain Trust.